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Sikka & the Veterinary Industry

At Sikka, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored solutions for veterinary practices by utilizing our award-winning health API platform to help increase efficiency and optimize your practice.


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PMS Compatibility
  1. Advantage
  2. AVIMark
  3. ClientTrax
  4. CornerStone
  1. DVMAX
  2. HVMS
  3. ImpromedInfinity
  4. Intravet
  1. OpenVPMS
  2. StringSoft
  3. VIA

Veterinary products


Veterinary Optimization Bundle

Practice management reporting & resources + reputation management

By bundling, you
SAVE $199!

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Optimize your practice, maximize your profits™ with informative dashboards that are updated in real time. Easily track your metrics and make more time for what’s important to you.

Fee Survey

Don't overcharge. Don't undercharge. Supercharge your profits with Sikka's Fee Survey tool to provide fee recommendations for your most popular procedures.


Our marketplace is filled with optimization tools to gain full control of your practice such as Business Optimization, Payment Processing, Revenue Cycle, Reputation Management, and much more!


Industry Trends

Take a look at the national trends occurring in the veterinary industry based on our data of 1.6K practices and 38M+ patients!

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Optimizing your veterinary practice

We're busy, overbooked, stressed, mentally exhausted and – on top of it all – we've fallen behind on our practice management tasks. Instead of focusing on the obstacles we currently face in the veterinary industry, let's shift the conversation towards strategies, solutions and new approaches that we can use to create a more sustainable work-life balance.

A segment from Sikka’s webinar:
Optimization & Automation for the Rapidly-Changing Veterinary Landscape

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

How automation can assist with daily practice management tasks?
What customers want and how to optimize customer experience from start to finish?
How technology can help build your brand with reputation management?

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How does it work?

Our Vetcabulary™ collects and analyzes deidentified data from compatible PMS systems to generate fee data and standardize procedure codes, not only making it easier to focus on patients but also helping you maximize profits.

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