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Meet the next evolution of the industry-leading business intelligence software in the business.

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What is Optimizer™ X?

Optimizer empowers you to identify the operational gaps and opportunities for growth in your practice.

From the raw operational data of your office, it presents insightful KPIs and reports to give you the strategic and operational insights to make the right decisions.

  • How are adjustments impacting your practice?
  • How well are you retaining new patients?
  • Do you have a healthy re-care system?
  • Is your AR being worked on?
  • Which procedures are driving revenues?
  • How are you doing in terms of net production, patient visits, procedures performed?

Whether you want to perform due diligence in an office you want to acquire or want to optimize day-to-day operations, this is your tool.

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Optimizer™ has been refreshed!

Users will notice a more user friendly interface, faster refresh speeds, and more dashboards.

Trusted by successful DSOs around the world

Used by 8 of the 12 top and emerging DSOs in the U.S. and Canada


Easily access all your analytics in just one place

Offers DSOs one place to manage your practices and pull reports and KPIs. Cater to your needs by choosing from four different dashboards.


Flexibility to connect with your unique practices

We're compatible with over 200 practice management systems and versions, allowing you to view all your practices in one location.


Experience’s white glove service

We offer a dedicated manager to each of our DSO customers. Get setup in just a few days and connect to hundreds of practice locations.


Key features

Quick Sense Dashboard

Offer quick insights into financial data, appointment scheduling, and other important metrics to make informed decisions and enhance the efficiency of their practice.

Single Practice Analysis Dashboard

Get high level overviews or dig into the weeds with granular numbers on production, collection, historical records, patient KPIs and more.

Top Providers

See how your providers are doing with a quick synopsis of production numbers and procedures performed. Zoom in on each provider for individual insights.

Revenue Vital Signs

Quick analysis of financial performance and alignment with revenue targets, facilitating data-driven decision-making for optimal financial health.

Production by Procedure Code

Insights into which procedures contribute most to the practice's revenue and can inform strategic decisions.

Insurance Claims Aging

At-a-glance insights into claim statuses and aging categories, aiding in streamlined revenue cycle management.

Fee Optimizer

Review the percentile fees at the zip code level to adjust your fees and capture lost revenue.

Unique KPIs

Work with our team to create your own, unique KPIs to save both time and money! Our current KPIs include:

  • Accounts receivable vital signs
  • Collection by payment type
  • Insurance claims aging
  • Top 20 procedures
  • Total, active, inactive patients
  • Patients needing to reschedule
  • Treatment analysis
  • Cash-insurance ratio
  • Practice net collection and production
  • Marketing ROI
  • & more
Advanced Reports

Select the reports and data you want! Our current reports include:

  • Sikka Patient Value Score
  • Morning meeting report
  • Procedure by provider
  • Detailed trend analysis
  • Adjusted collection and production by provider
  • Administration report
  • Monthly practice details
  • New patient by provider
  • Insurance patient analysis
  • Remaining insurance coverage
  • & more

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